N2 – Oxbow Commons

N2 – Oxbow Commons Velocity Model

Key Info:

  • Site Class – D
  • AVS30 – 309.6 m/s
  • Peak H/V – 0.729 Hz

Survey Details:

  • # of Surveys – 1
  • # of Channels – 10
  • Min Wavelength – 5.4 m
  • Max Wavelength – 50 m
  • Data Record Length – 1600 s

Survey Geometry:

  • Koichi 50m Triangle

Survey Notes

Just across Soscol Ave from N1 – Solomon Memorial Grove, for the Oxbow Commons the AVS30 is 20 m/s higher, through 400 m/s bedrock is encountered at 20 meters for N1 and not until 40 meters for N2. Geologically these two sites are near identical.

The H/V peak for N1 is 5.194 Hz, and at N2 just 250 meters away at N2 the H/V peak is broad from a peak of 0.729 Hz to 1 Hz. Other than N1’s peak at 5 Hz, the two H/V plots for N1 and N2 are very similar. Something local to N1 must be causing the peak H/V to be 5 Hz. N2 is located next to Soscol, a busy street to the east, and also quiet neighborhoods to the west.

Phase Velocity Dispersion Curve

N2 Phase Velocty Dispersion Curve

H/V Peak

Dispersion Curve

RMSE 10.81 m/s after five inversions

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