Seismic Art

During the processing of passive-seismic data, a phase velocity dispersion curve is generated. You can see many different PVDCs throughout the data of the N-Surveys. A PVDC is a charting of shear-wave velocity on the Y-axis by frequency on the X-axis.

Every slice of the Earth is unique geologically, and while phase velocity dispersion curves can look similar, each one is completely original. To collect a PVDC a passive-seismic survey must be done on site.

If you’re a home owner in Napa of the SF Bay Area and you’re interested in having your own glimpse of the Earth created, printed, and framed for personal use, contact Napa Seismic for more information. See what none have seen before.

The two tiers are:

$555 Premium Package

A passive-seismic survey will be done on-site to best capture your original PVDC. Prints up to 16″ diagonally.

  • Provide a frame, or a minimalist frame can be provided for an additional $50.
Real data – Example artwork

$1111 Deluxe Package

Two passive-seismic surveys will be done to best capture your original PVDC. Prints up to 20″ diagonally.

  • Minimalist frame is provided.
  • Geologic report is provided.
Real data – Example artwork

The Importance of Survey Design

Survey design and resolution across all frequencies has a large impact on passive-seismic data quality. To capture the best data, site conditions, the property boundary, and background noise will be considered in the survey design. For the deluxe package, if the data from the first survey has room for improvement, a second survey will be done with better learned design and when noise conditions are more favorable. If a 60×100 meter area of level ground is accessible, a Fibonacci spiral will be done for the survey geometry as the best passive-seismic data is usually collected using the aesthetic mathematics of the Golden Ratio.

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